Bute 8th August

Thursday 8th August.


We were back at it bright and early on Thursday. It was hard to believe that we’d been doing this for best part of a week. In actual fact we’d been flat-out for over a year and that’s without the other countless years before and now it was Thursday and we still didn’t feel like we’d got ahead despite working all hours.


Tuesday 7th August 2018

Tuesday 7Th August 2018


Tuesday morning was all a little embarrassing. The day before we’d been stranded for the want of some premium paraffin and today we were equally shipwrecked because our beautifully recreated canopy was in bits on the bottom of the loch.

Sally took some divers to where it splashed down and with the help of the…

Bute 6th August

Monday 6th August.


We were all a little shipwrecked come Monday morning.

We’d hit a wall with the fuel situation and couldn’t do much of anything until we got fresh supplies but ‘Paraffin Pete’ was on the case and he’d made the necessary arrangements for a supplier in Glasgow to bring a healthy…

Bute 5th August

Sunday 5th August 2018


Sunday was a bit different. The tail-wagging excitement was giving way to the more usual sense of being at work and on a mission such as had always pervaded our workshop. By now we knew where our tools were and each had adopted whatever task seemed best to suit them as their own. Jersey Mike had arrived…

Saturday 4th August 2018

Saturday 4th August 2018


Saturday dawned clear, still and warm, though overcast but nothing on Earth could diminish the sense of excitement and the buzz around our boat shed. We had no idea what to expect in terms of visitors. We’d no idea whether we’d be overrun or only visited by a few curious…

Journey To Bute 2018

Friday 3rd August 2018


We were up, showered, breakfasted and at the workshop bright and early on the Friday morning ahead of our trip to Bute, the first day of our big adventure. We’d worked important parts of our bodies to mere stumps and given blood, sweat and tears to get to this point so to say we were buzzing on that…

Isle of Bute 2018

Diary 2018 – Isle of Bute.


I think I was fifteen, my mate Barnsey was a smidge older and we’d made up our minds – we were going to the Clyde.

Sea angling was our thing and we’d read in the Angling Times, a sort of paper website, if you like, that you bought at the shop and took home to read…